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06 December 2019

Parimatch CEO joined global business leaders at Web Summit in Lisbon

Web Summit, the largest tech event in the world brings together business leaders, celebrities, politicians and scientists in Lisbon, Portugal, to discuss and debate emerging technology trends. Parimatch’s very own CEO Sergey Portnov spoke onstage at this year’s Summit alongside Bruce Stein, CEO of aXiomatic, an esports and video game investment business, and the Associated Press’ Global Sports Correspondent Rob Harris, where amongst other things they discussed the risks and rewards of the esports industry. When it comes to the marketing and sponsorship of esports, the industry is still in its infancy, with bookmakers like Parimatch being the first brands to recognize the opportunities and rewards in esports team sponsorship. Soon enough big brands like Nike and Coca-Cola will come along with even bigger marketing budgets, and make esports sponsorship more expensive. Until then, bookmakers are happy to be driving revenue in the esports industry. But it isn’t just about giving money to have your logo on a team’s shirt. According to Portnov: “It is important to build a culture of esports fans if your company is sponsoring a team. You have to be truthful and build a love of sports into the business.” When it comes to the risks associated with esports, like most traditional sports, it is vulnerable to match-fixing. “The risk depends on the event,” says Portnov. “Dota International is less likely to be fixed, as so much is at stake, it is much more likely to be seen in lower league tournaments. But Parimatch doesn’t really see this as too much of a problem, because most esports bets ree for small amounts – the average is $5, on a mobile device. Of course, there are fraudsters out there, but it is much more worrying when somebody bets $100,000 on a soccer game, we would rather take lots of smaller bets on esports.” With 2.5 gamers on the planet, playing everything from FIFA to Fortnite to Counter-Strike, either recreationally or competitively, there is no denying that esports is big business. One thing is for sure, the popularity of esports is only going to grow, and with that so do the risk and rewards for brands putting their name to the burgeoning industry.

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04 December 2019

Parimatch Crowned Winners of Marketing Campaign of the Year at the 2019 SBC Awards

The 6th annual SBC Awards took place in London on 3rd December, one of the most prestigious events in the international bookmaking industry’s calendar. The ceremony celebrates and rewards expertise and innovation in betting and gaming, with 41 awards across a range of categories up for grabs. Parimatch was delighted to be nominated across four categories – Esports operator, marketing campaign, sponsorship and employer of the year. Parimatch beat off stiff competition to take home the award for the marketing campaign of the year, with its “fired up to win” campaign, a partnership with UFC and sporting champion Conor McGregor. "This award is massive recognition for our unique and inspiring marketing activities,” said Parimatch’s CEO Sergey Portnov. “Awards like this ignite the fire in our belly to continue to push the boundaries and be bold and brave when it comes to creativity.” [caption id="attachment_566" align="alignnone" width="1080"] Parimatch launched the “fired up to win” campaign in February of this year, rebooting its branding including a new visual style across digital communications, social networks and the mobile app, whilst also announcing Conor McGregor, one of the most famous athletes of our time, as a brand ambassador. “Conor embodies true courage, a fighter who is not afraid of new challenges and is always fired up to win. Like Parimatch, McGregor always remains true to himself, but also ready to push the boundaries beyond sports. He was a natural fit for our new, and now award-winning marketing campaign” Said Portnov. “This is a small win for him, his main win should come on January 18 during his comeback fight with Donald Cerrone. We hope this award will charge him to win with Parimatch even more in 2020.” A month after the campaign launch, Parimatch saw an increase in consumer registrations of 169%, cementing the campaign’s winning status early on. Congratulations to all the winners, Parimatch looks forward to seeing you again at the SBC Awards in 2020!

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02 December 2019

Parimatch League in Dota2. The Final

30th November 2019: The international holding Parimatch continues to strengthen its brand as an esports bookmaker. Parimatch together with ESforce Holding held the Dota2 Parimatch League Season 1 with a prize pool of $ 75,000. This is the first time that a betting company has organized its own competition for esports fans. At the league final, more than 1000 spectators had the opportunity to attend the event, held at Yota Arena, by registering in advance. In the just the competition’s inaugural season, broadcasts of games have gathered more than 6 million views in total on the Twitch platform, with an average number of viewers for League broadcasts of 36,000 people. Leading studios from the USA and China joined the coverage of the final matches. The finals of the Parimatch League were fought out by leading CIS esports teams, including Virtus.Pro, HellRaisers, Team Spirit and jfshfh178. Virtus.Pro took the winning $40,000 prize. The average amount of unique views was 136,000 users per day, with a maximum of 550,000 unique users recorded during the playoffs. As a result, the league’s most popular match was the final standoff between Virtus.pro and Hellraisers – more than 69 thousand people were watching it at the same time live. “We saw a very impressive level of play in the first season. We are sure that the fans were entertained. We want to develop the Dota 2 community throughout the CIS, and League Parimatch helps us a lot in this. In addition, we strive to give talented players the opportunity to develop - and we believe in the next season we will see new future stars”, said Maxim Maslov, Epic Esports Events CEO. Parimatch plans to continue to support esports and develop its own league. So, the start of the second season has already been announced with an increase in the prize pool to $100,000. New teams will be able to qualify for the next season, rather than rely on an invitation. The qualification stage for the second season starts in December 2019, the main competition will run until May 2020. Stepan Shulga, Head of esports at Parimatch also commented; “We managed to create a unique Russian-language league for players, which has become an excellent base for rivalry in the CIS region. I hope that our tournament has pleased the e-sports community and will further develop the Russian-speaking scene of Dota 2. We are excited to announce the second season of Parimatch League, where the best teams from the CIS region will now fight for a $100,000 prize pool. It will be worth following.” Parimatch League, Final

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