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25 March 2020

Being adaptive in the face of adversity

Today, the world is faced with a widespread challenge - the COVID-19 outbreak. Individuals are concerned that going about their daily commute to shared workspaces is putting them in harm’s way. Parimatch recognizes that it is responsible for the safety and health of its employees. One of our key values is being "adaptive," and never has it been more relevant. How can we prevent further spread of the virus and respond to the current pandemic? Parimatch shares some advice. Take care For three weeks now, enhanced sanitary measures have been in place at our company's offices: we monitor the temperature of all guests, regularly disinfect surfaces and have installed additional stations with disinfectants. We have also purchased medical masks, and 'express tests' for the virus. Staff who recently visited infected countries have voluntarily isolated themselves at home. The company recommends travelling to work by private car or by taxi - we refund 50% of this cost. We recommend maintaining a safe distance between employees who work in the office. Adapt as best you can We have taken all possible measures to ensure that our workplaces are safe, but we recommend that employees work remotely from home. We have provided the technical support required in order to facilitate effective working-from-home, including all external communication devices, internet extensions and other equipment. We strongly recommend holding all meetings online. Stay informed In this difficult time, we have to step up our crisis internal communications. All our employees regularly receive information and updates on what is happening within the company as well as monitoring reports of the global situation regarding the pandemic from verified and trustworthy sources. In addition, we send an email with recommendations on how to protect yourself from the virus, what to do whilst in quarantine and how to optimize working from home. The same information is displayed on monitors in our open spaces. Awareness and a clear action plan are the best antidotes to panic. Be responsible Parimatch has established itself as a responsible business. We understand our responsibility to safeguard the health and safety of our employees. In addition to medical insurance, our employees will be able to contact a doctor who works in our offices. For people who need psychological support amid a crisis, we now offer counselling sessions with a qualified therapist. If one of our employees were to contract the virus, the company will do everything possible to help. Stay positive A crisis is a window of opportunity. For us, it is an opportunity to uphold our corporate value of "Family and Trust” - demonstrated through love, support, and caring for others. Our employees are encouraged to stay connected with their colleagues and share their experiences of these new working conditions, to keep morale high and maintain a positive attitude. Parimatch is keeping a close eye on the rapidly-changing global situation, but in the meantime, we are continuing to work hard and look after each other.

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06 March 2020

Parimatch Supports a Clean-Living Lifestyle

One of our key corporate values ​​is ‘Clean Living'. This relates to a philosophy as much as it does to a lifestyle. The combination of the two is what regulates a clean attitude to your body, your mind, and the environment. “Healthy body, healthy mind.” Physical activity is proven to relieve stress and reduce fatigue. Playing sport is an excellent tool to develop both your physical and mental wellbeing, by encouraging patience, zeal, discipline, self-control, the will to win and teamwork. Parimatch has a real love of sports, and has created internal sports clubs for football, hockey, volleyball, running, and boxing teams amongst employees. We also hold an annual sporting extravaganza, the Summer Camp, where all employees take part in a hurdle race.The staff kitchens in our offices offer a choice of healthy snacks like fruit and nuts, and balanced meals are always on the lunchtime menu. Nutrition is an important part of a clean-living lifestyle. "If you can’t look after yourself, you can’t take care of others." Finding calm amongst the chaos of big projects and tight deadlines is a true challenge. Resilience and self-control are two qualities that can help to find serenity even in the most stressful situations. Effective managers are those that can keep a cool head, calmly communicate with their teams and stop their stress from rubbing off on other people. This is corporate culture upon which Parimatch is built. We hold lectures and workshops on the development of communication skills, life balance, and provide yoga and meditation classes run by psychology coaches and professionals. "A person's attitude to the environment is the man himself." The problem posed by climate change is a global crisis. Parimatch employees are also concerned about ecological issues and uphold the value of "Clean Living" by reducing plastic consumption. All company offices have stopped using disposable glasses, and have implemented an effective recycling system to improve waste management. We also run informative internal workshops on environmental awareness. So, Clean Living encompasses several aspects of how we act within our business and how we treat the world around us. We believe that this philosophy and lifestyle is protects the wellbeing of our employees, making Parimatch a great place to work.

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28 February 2020

How does Parimatch motivate its employees?

At Parimatch, we understand that the success of our company depends on the personal success of each employee. Effective management relies on incentives and reward initiatives that strengthen the relationship between employees and the company. This hinges on motivating people in all aspects of their working life - professional development, personal development, health, recreation and entertainment as well as family values. To facilitate these activities within Parimatch, we created a separate department – ‘PM Life’. Professional development Parimatch has its own ‘Corporate University’. Here we hold introductory lectures for new joiners called "Welcome on Board", and regularly organise Open Talks the company’s senior management. Our HR team conducts the Rotation project once per year, an initiative which allows an employee to experience a working day in a different department and immerse themselves in a new area of the business. The company cares about the professional development of each of its employees, so external training, courses and workshops are subsidised to encourage this. Parimatch employees can also attend an English-speaking club within the company or external language schools. Personal development Parimatch Corporate University is also a place of personal growth. The company invites coaches to talk about personal effectiveness, psychological balance, time management and more. Creative burnout is an issue that affects the individual as much as it does the company as a whole, so we really care about the mental health of employees and hope to provide them with both inspirational and motivational training sessions and development workshops. Health The company pays special attention to healthcare. Each of our employees receives full medical insurance and healthy food in the office (free breakfast, lunch, fruit for a snack). In addition, the company created its own sports clubs for football, hockey, volleyball, running, and fighting, allowing for a little healthy competition amongst colleagues under the watchful guidance of professional trainers. Recreation and entertainment Making time for recreational activities can really help to sustain an effective workflow. We have two main corporate events each year: a big New Year's party and our Summer Camp. The two events are very different. At Summer Camp, our entire team takes part in a sports race with obstacles and challenges to overcome. This is a great opportunity to showcase how well our teams can work together, as well as showing off their fitness levels! Equally, employees can opt to take part in team-building excursions like hiking or winter sports in the mountains. We also regularly organize bowling tournaments, quizes, sports tournaments and various challenge events within the company. At Parimatch, we realise how important family and friends can be, so we often invite our employees’ nearest and dearest to our corporate events. How does all this affect an employee? We hope that all of our employees know how valued they are and feel that they are well taken care of. This is an interchange. As an employee invests their time, effort, labor, and personal resources into a company, their employer should rightly compensate for this as much as they possibly can. We think that being part of a large and dynamic company that cares about your growth and invests in every individual is the motivation that employees and need to thrive.

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