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We have the following policies to support responsible gambling:

  • age verification in order to prevent minors participation in gambling;
  • set limits on betting accounts with any time frame (day, week, a year or full account lifecycle);
  • cooperation with gambling addiction prevention companies to support gambling addicts (Gambling Therapy, etc.);
  • contribute to communications and information sharing about responsible gambling on internal pages or any other channels allowed, where everyone can get advice, without any obstruction;
  • support services 24/7 all year round. Clients can contact the support team for any issues at any time and get proper professional assistance.

We recommend all our customers to follow these recommendations to ensure they gamble responsibly:

  • to always set both financial and time limits and follow them strictly;
  • never to treat the gambling as a source of income;
  • be aware of your potential losses;
  • be realistic about your chances of winning;
  • treat losses as a payout for entertainment and enhanced enjoyment of sport/ gaming, etc. similar to any other entertainment;
  • don’t start to gamble with the only aim to win;
  • don’t start to gamble when emotionally distressed;
  • control your expenditures through financial history, which is available in a personal data area of your betting account;
  • don’t borrow money to gamble;
  • take breaks from gambling, have some rest, take your time;
  • ask for our qualified helpers when in need;
  • play for fun, remember its’ just a game;
  • avoid playing under the influence of alcohol or medications.