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Essence of the “Health and Wellbeing of Children” program

Charity. Funding of programs that aim to develop children’s medicine and special infrastructure. Targeted assistance for ill children and their families. Help for children from low-income families and boarding schools.

Objectives of the program

— development of children’s medicine

— access to medical care for each child

— help in difficult circumstances

— support for children from disadvantaged families (including mentoring)


The age group of children: 0-16 years


Aligned with the following SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOALS

Our projects

Health and Wellbeing of Children

PM Kids

Parimatch Kids — is a project dedicated to help children in less-developed and underprivileged areas by providing access to the most essential things like nutritious food, clean water, health care, education.


Within the framework of cooperation with charity organizations like Volunteer Doctors-Cyprus and ActionAid, Parimatch Foundation annually sponsors 10 children from African countries. Nowadays we provide financial assistance to 5 kids in Zimbabwe, 3 kids in Tanzania and 2 kids in Rwanda.

Health and Wellbeing of Children

Support of the Dacha Project

The Dacha is a unique special center, where children with cancer from all over Ukraine can stay for free with their families between courses of chemotherapy.


The cancer treatment can last for month and renting a hotel or apartment for this period may be unbearable as all money goes for medicines. Also for children it is an additional psychological pressure to stay in hospital all the time. So, the Dacha becomes a comfortable place to stay with family and feel the warm, homely atmosphere.


Parimatch Foundation can’t stay aside and provides financial support to the Dacha project.

Health and Wellbeing of Children

Hear the world around

Three out of a thousand newborns in Ukraine have severe hearing loss. Such children find it difficult to socialize, communicate and live fully. They and their families are forced to overcome obstacles every day.


Not much needed to change the situation in the country and give parents the chance to help their children. We need to provide hospitals with the necessary equipment for screening to the newborns. With it, parents from the first days of life will know if their child is at risk and will be able to respond and cure illness. Timely detected problem is 90% guarantee of its elimination.


In summer 2018 together with the Ukrainian Philanthropic Marketplace Parimatch Foundation  has launched a new project. We donate money for purchasing hearing equipment for newborns to the regional hospitals of Ukraine. Our ultimate goal is to buy equipment for every regional hospital in Ukraine.


We want to give every child a chance to hear this fantastic world!