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Education for the future


A comprehensive program aimed at the development and promotion of physical education in schools with the purpose of increasing the physical activity of children from 6 to 16 years.


Our Goal:

  • To increase the interest of children (6-16 years) in P.E. lessons in school and get them interested in sports activities;
  • To train P.E. teachers to use modern approaches and introduce new sports modules;
  • To motivate P.E. teachers to introduce new approaches and engage students.
    To implement the comprehensive program, the foundation is developing a free online training course for physical education teachers, which will be posted on the Prometheus (ukrainian platform of mass open online courses)
    There will be an online conference «Innovations in Physical Education», which will bring together active teachers, sports representatives and scientific experts.
    We want to gather more than 50 unique methods and ideas for implementing innovations in lessons through a grant competition.