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Social Networks


To promote the health and well-being of the community through education and engaging children in sport while providing equal opportunities for everyone.

Parimatch Foundation

is a non-profit organization established by Parimatch for the purpose of implementing the company’s corporate social responsibility.

Our Values


  • We believe that a happy society is based on the health and well-being of its children
  • We believe that every child should have access to quality education in order to reach their true potential
  • We know that physical education and sports are the most important means of health and promote values necessary for social coherence and dialogue between cultures


  • Our goal is to bring business, the public sector and NGOs together to address specific social issues

Our Key Focus

Yes, I can
Sports Mentor
New P.E.


Yes, I can

A comprehensive program aimed at supporting children with disabilities and special educational needs by involving them in sports.

Sports Mentor

The program seeks to ensure that every child, regardless of social status, can develop confidence and courage to follow their dreams.

New P.E.

A comprehensive program aimed at the development and promotion of physical education in schools with the purpose of increasing the physical activity of children from 6 to 16 years.


Within this program we launch and support projects and initiatives aiming to development of STEM approaches in education.

Projects & Initiatives

16 April 2019

Parimatch and CSR: A match made in heaven

Parimatch, the leading global CIS gaming business, has doubled down on its commitment to players wellbeing, responsible gaming and the iGaming industry as a whole following an invitation to partner with Marie-Louise Coleiro Preca, Her Excellency the President of Malta, at this year’s SiGMA. Commenting on the importance of CSR to iGaming and Malta, Parimatch CEO Sergey Portnov explores the growth of UFC and eSports, how events can shape the industry’s future and why Parimatch truly dares to be different in this growing sector… How important is it to have events such as SiGMA where decision makers from both the industry and government meet and network? Industry wide events such as SiGMA provide a valuable platform to meet with partners, potential customers and establish new connections. They also present a great opportunity to hear different perspectives on the latest industry trends and discuss future plans with like-minded people. It is always particularly useful to be able to meet and talk to regulators, helping to create an open dialogue with them and dispelling any misperceptions. What were your key takeouts from exhibiting at SiGMA – how would you describe the mood of the industry? SiGMA was even bigger and better than ever before this year. The Exhibition Centre was action-packed and there was a really positive and exciting buzz across the hundreds of exhibition stands. We also enjoyed a wonderful evening at the Malta Gaming Awards & Charity Dinner at the beginning of the week. Parimatch sponsored the coveted award for the ‘Best Mobile Gaming Provider,’ which was won by BETSOFT. You were invited to meet Her Excellency the President of Malta, why do you think Parimatch was selected and what did you get from the meeting? We were really honoured and delighted to be invited to meet Her Excellency to talk about how Parimatch could collaborate to support the Maltese economy and society. The immediate result was a commitment to work together to support the President’s Trust and Community Chest Fund Foundation. Both are worthy causes that we are really excited to be contributing to. Parimatch is highly CSR-focused, do you believe a robust social responsibility commitment is key to the deregulation of gambling? Betting is a lifestyle choice that offers a lot of entertainment and excitement. However, it is important that we are good corporate citizens by protecting our customers and contributing further to the societies of the places we operate. To improve the industry’s image it will take a sustained commitment to these values across the industry. At Parimatch we are playing our part through our CSR programme, which supports over 20 initiatives across our international footprint helping to empower and better communities through sport and education. We are always looking to engage with the industry, regulators and partners about collaborating to expand the reach and impact of this programme. Your company offers bets on more than 20 sports, 200 leagues and 600 sporting events everyday: with the current surge in sportsbooks, where do you see the big wins for the business? A key area of strength for the business is mobile iGaming, as customers increasingly look to place bets ‘on the go’. Today 45% of bets placed with Parimatch are made via mobile and iOS or android applications, representing 15% growth year-on-year. In July this year, we became the official EMEA betting and wagering partner for the UFC. Mixed Martial Arts is thriving and growing in popularity across the world and this partnership gives Parimatch an opportunity to be ahead of the trend and tailor our offer to reach its fans. eSports is arguably the fastest growing sport in the world though and can help the business to bring betting to a new demographic. We are looking at ways of marketing our offer and gambling content, including sponsoring eSports team Virtus.pro, to reach these new customers and realise the betting potential eSports has. Our huge range of sports and fields on offer is also particularly important because it gives our customers the opportunity to bet on whatever they are passionate about whenever they want. Football remains the biggest sport in our sportsbook and with its established popularity we are always looking at evolving our offer to ensure it remains at the top of the industry. Can you summarise your business philosophy in a single sentence? “Dare to be different.” We are building a brand and a betting offer that stands out and excites. How would you summarise both the opportunities and the challenges for the company in 2019? We are focusing on consolidating and building on our market position in the CIS region. With the growth of betting within CIS, there remains a strong opportunity to further grow our revenues and brand within the region. Our aim is to reach 20% market share in the region. From an international perspective, we are concentrating on developing our software so that it is able to scale internationally. At the same time, we will be growing our global reputation through a brand relaunch and targeted innovative marketing initiatives, and with partnerships such as our sponsorship of UFC, to help attract potential partners in new markets.

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16 April 2019

Welcome to the summer 2018: Parimatch shares smart summer gifts for children

Within the framework of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities held in July 2018 Parimatch generously presented various summer gifts. The preparation and distribution of the gifts didn`t only limit to the staff of Parimatch but also extended to its collaborators, customers, Iacovou Swimming Pool, Fantastic Paradise Kindergarten, and Fame Dance School. Happy faces from the pictures speak louder than the words. Being a part of such an enormous accumulation of positive energy is an excellent experience for Parimatch. Marianna Hatjiandoniou, HR Director, said, “Our company has always been investing in the long-term development of its human resources, but the collaborators and customers of the company are the priority. Moreover, to achieve sustainable results, Parimatch invests in reliable, professional and at the same time friendly customer and collaborator relations.”

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16 April 2019

Let’s Hippo

Parimatch comes closer to many people in need with its CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects. The company contributed to society with the innovative project “Let's Hippo” by adopting a symbolic hippopotamus from Africa. With works, PariMatch comes close to people who need help and support, contributing this time to the innovative and artistic project Let's Hippo, symbolically adopting a hippopotamus from Africa. This charity event of Parimatch falls under the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) program of the company, aiming to take initiatives that improve the environmental and social well-being of our country. Parimatch is close to children because, through this project, which is under the umbrella of "I'm Cooking and Offering" Wisdom for Children, she offers lunch at all-day primary schools in Cyprus. On June 27, 2018, Parimatch adopted her collectible hippopotamus artwork at the event that took place at the Presidential Palace, under the auspices of the President of the Republic and Ms. Anastasiades. This work, which was created by the Cypriot artist Panagiotis Michail, was adopted by Parimatch for the sum of 5000 euros, enhancing the work and services of Sofia for the Children. According to Panayotis Michael, collaboration is a practice he often used in his work as an artist and a tool of his teaching. So, his desire to work with students dealing with the subject of art was the beginning of the idea of the "Observer" project, as it was called the hippopotamus adopted by Parimatch. The artist continues to describe the work further, explaining how he invited students of the White Arts Workshop to make every one of them the Hippo portrait, using the style they wanted and approaching the concept of the portrait in their way. The resulting result is fifteen amazing portraits, placed on the wall (in three rows of five), with Parimatch's Hippo "Observer", as it is called, standing up against them and observing them. This work, although given by lot at Parimatch, could not have been a better choice. Not just a matter of artistic nature, because all the jobs are equally remarkable, but above all by the cooperation message it leaves, a significant value for Parimatch. This fiberglass hippopotamus gets soul and love from the children who participated in their artworks and was informed about the program creatively. The children who participated in the creation of the Hippo are: Panagiotis Michail in collaboration with Marios Toufexis, Leda Georgia Kerkidou, Emiliana Pourkou, Maria Moutafidou, Zoi Lambrou, Myrias Panagiotidis, Lamprianna Ioannou.

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